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Create & Track Spaces

box-trackspacesOrganize your personal property room by room with Spaces. Track important details about your home items, including the purchase date and value, the warranty, the manufacturer and model number, and the purchase location.

Safe and Secure

box-lockedupHome ID® has a company-wide commitment to your privacy and features best-in-its class privacy and data security. Your photos and data are stored in a private & secure cloud and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device anytime.

Easy Reporting

box-easyreportingEasy, flexible reports are generated to quickly settle loss claims with your Insurance Company. Home ID® has preloaded report templates and you can create a custom report in PDF format.


Manage From Any Device

box-devicesAlways accessible from any mobile device or computer. Easily upload multiple photos and documents of your home and the possessions inside for the most complete record.

Features and Benefits

A modern easy-to use experience designed with you in mind


There are many ways Home ID® can help you organize your home

making reporting easy and painless.

  • Protect your investments
  • Store Important Documents
  • Record the maintenance and repair history of your homes
  • Document Home Renovations
  • Evaluate your personal property coverage
  • Estate planning
  • Get your insurance claims settled faster
  • Verify losses for your income tax return
  • Keep track of lost or damaged items when moving
  • Keep record of all the things you’ve accumulated over the years

Peace of Mind